Top star chefs impressed: This $30 kitchen knife is sharper than any professional knife we have in our restaurant

By Michael Johnson | Published 2 days ago


Want to use your knives to cut raw meat, fish and vegetables, but your current kitchen knife 

can’t even cut a tomato? Then you don’t have to spend a fortune anymore! 


You can even use the Huusk knife to prepare far more complex dishes, such as cutting up chicken or dicing pineapple into small cubes.Tens of thousands of people are now arming themselves with a cheap Huusk that does the same as $500 kitchen knives!


For the vast majority of home cooks, €500 knives are too expensive! A reliably sharp knife is obviously a must, especially when it comes to preparing meat, fish and hearty vegetables.

That’s why in TV cooking showes, the sharpest knives are always wrapped in cotton or some other heavy cloth (unlike in your home). Especially when it comes to big brands you will pay much more for the name and less for the quality!


Huusk: Better than any $500 kitchen knife!

Here is what Huusk ‘s chief engineer said:

Samurai standards in kitchen knives: quality, durability and precision.

So when I got the chance to replace my rather average kitchen knife with a Huusk, I jumped at it without hesitation.


Aside from the fact that samurai kitchen knives are the knives of a “real man”, they have another advantage over the competition:  the Huusk knives are made of Japanese stainless steel which is processed using traditional forging techniques – techniques that have been used for forging over centuries of samurai katana that used for many generations. This method yields extra-sharp knives that will give their owners years of faithful service .


A sharp knife—especially one that originated from samurai culture—is a precision tool. It may look dangerous, but in the hands of a capable man it’s actually far safer than traditional knives. You don’t need to use any force on it because it just slides through anything and it cuts even the thinnest slices with such ease. 


It’s the kind of knife that makes you forget about crushed tomatoes or cuts on your or (even worse) your partner’s hands .

What makes Huusk so special?

Become a chef even if you don’t cook yet!


Chef Sabrina tells her story:


I don’t cook at home so much. In fact, most of my food is prepared ahead of time simply because I don’t have the time to get in the kitchen every day. I love cooking, but only on special occasions. So I save the Hussk for those special times when I’m with family, friends or private meals – and for that my Huusk is the perfect knife. Everytime I pull it out of it’s elegant case, I get compliments. 


The right tool just makes a world of difference. The Huusk knife has a unique comfortable grip. Its blade is curved, following ancient samurai traditions, making cutting as comfortable and efficient as possible. 


The sharpness of the blade makes cooking much faster – saving you time and energy and allowing you to enjoy a longer dinner time with your loved ones. With Huusk, cooking really becomes child’s play.


Watch Huusk in action:

why do i need this?

No more worn out, blunt, old school knives!


Every knife I had used before was insufficient. They rust quickly and fuzzy, no matter the cost. Eventually, every knife became impractical and ineffective. They don’t make us manly men in the kitchen or BBQ. 


Before Huusk, there was never really a solution – after all, high-quality knives were usually outrageously expensive or sold only for restaurants. Up until Huusk stepped onto the stage.


Huusk offers high quality at a low price. It is made of corrosion-resistant Japanese quality stainless steel – the same steel used in samurai katanas centuries ago. This quality makes Huusk knives extra sharp – similar to a katana that has served its samurai faithfully for a lifetime, your Huusk is guaranteed to stand by your side for years (and stay sharp). 

5 qualities that will make you a master chef:

How much is Huusk?

With comparable (less efficient) chef knives costing over $500, you’d think the Huusk would cost at least that much…


But what would you think if I told you the Huusk was $99? That’s a lot less than you expected, isn’t it?


BUT do you know what’s even better than the already low retail price of $99?

The promotional discount of 70%, with which you only pay $29.95!

How come Huusk costs so little?

Huusk is a direct-to-consumer brand, meaning there are no advertising costs. In addition, they only sell the kitchen knife online, so without intermediaries or any store cost to put on the buyer.


In most cases, when you buy from the big companies, you are not only buying the product, but also their prestigious brand names and other company expenses. These companies also have to pay their expensive directors, pay for their advertising, etc. No wonder other products are so expensive!


With Huusk it’s different. you only pay for what you buy, that’s it.  And even more interesting, they are currently giving my readers a discount!

Why is it discounted now?

It’s a very common business tactic these days. They give a huge discount to a certain number of customers to try and get a ton of positive reviews and free social media attention!

Luckily for you, I have the link to the 70% discount campaign here:

Click here to get a discounted Huusk (if still available). >>


Be aware that they will charge full price again as soon as demand increases, so order quickly if you want to purchase this product!

UPDATE:  The stock is already heavily reduced: the high-quality production is not keeping up with the demand. If you want to try Huusk now at the trial price of $29.95 (incl. 70% discount) and with the 30-day money-back guarantee, it’s worth it to order FAST!

Where can I buy Huusk?

You can order your Huusk kitchen knife directly on the official website .

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the product. Although, It’s unlikely to happen, but at least you know there’s NO risk!


Another good news is that the Huusk is on sale at 70% off for a limited time !

There are only a few units available! Get one or more now before they sell out.

* Special offer  $29.95 instead of $99ONLY for online buyers on this website! – Offer valid while supplies last.

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