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Overeating does not drive obesity, it’s the unintentional weight loss plateaus we hit, health experts say

Over 65% percent of Americans are classified as overweight although attempting to turn to a healthier lifestyle and lose weight

According to the experts, 49.1% of U.S adults (men and women) will hit the weight-loss plateau at least once while wondering why their scale won’t budge and all diets seem to fail for them. 

The vast majority of adults in the U.S. (over 100 million people) are attempting to turn to a healthier lifestyle and lose weight, but are still being classified as overweight. 

No one wants to be unhealthy. But losing weight is not an easy task. It’s not a one fit all system, Yet recent research found that there is more to diet than calorie counting. 

Doctors baffled: unintentional weight loss plateaus are the main reason for food cravings and stubborn belly fat 

Most Americans blame themselves for not hitting the gym and having too many food cravings when actually, the truth is that they are stuck in the dreaded weight loss plateau (and they don’t even know it).   

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